What Happened To These Forgotten NFL Quarterbacks?

1. JaMarcus Russell

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Expectations were sky-high for Russell when the Oakland Raiders selected him first overall in 2007. Scouts lauded his pre-draft workouts, as Russell’s arm strength and size were put on full display. As it turns out, Russell wasn’t ready to lead a franchise — not even close. After a lengthy preseason holdout, Russell sat for a majority of his rookie year. Once he made his way to the field, the Raiders quickly realized their grave mistake.

Russell lasted just three years in the league — making 25 total starts. He ended his career with more interceptions (23) than touchdowns (18), and completed just 52 percent of his passes. His utter lack of competent decision-making coupled with his unwillingness to improve his conditioning ultimately led to his supreme downfall. Some of the names the Raiders could have drafted instead of Russell include Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, and Darrelle Revis.

Since retiring, Russell has attempted multiple comebacks, but to no avail. He was arrested in 2010 for drug possession. Russell now works at his alma mater, Williamson High School, as a quarterbacks coach.