Ranking The 30 Best Actors of All-Time

30. Robin Williams

Image Source: The Daily Beast

There was no one quite like Robin Williams. While Williams became better known as an actor, stand-up was his entry into life on stage. His sets were fierce, fearless, and wildly spontaneous. They veered away from established routines at the drop of a hat. Instead, they flew into new, hilarious territory. Williams then turned to film, and achieved success far beyond what his TV success (Mork and Mindy) could have indicated. He won an Academy Award for his work on Good Will Hunting (1997). This was one of four Oscar nominations he earned in his career (which also included Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King and Good Morning, Vietnam). It’s still hard to believe the beloved actor and comedian is gone. However, Williams leaves behind a cinematic legacy that we’ll still be talking about many decades from now.