Here’s Why Lenny Kravitz Left Hollywood For Good

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For nearly 40 years, Lenny Kravitz has been delighting fans all over the world with his immense ability as both a musician and as an actor. The 4-time Grammy Award-winner has been blessed with a career much longer than most. While the glitz and glamour of Hollywood certainly does have its perks, Kravitz decided that enough was enough. At the end of a long tour, Kravitz took a one-day trip to the Brazilian countryside. As fate would have it, this special experience turned into something no one ever expected.

Early Roots

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Kravitz was born in New York City to actress Roxie Roker and television producer Sy Kravitz. From a young age, Kravitz showed a proclivity for music. Upon moving to Los Angeles as a young child, Kravitz was introduced to a world of sheer wonderment.

Cool Parents

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Both of his parents noticed Lenny’s interest in music and were extremely supportive in helping foster his talent. Lenny’s father had a number of connections in the industry. As such, he was able to take his son to a number of shows during his childhood. Lenny’s mother also had him join a choir group for multiple years. This proved to be a wise decision.

Taking Things Into His Own Hands

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At 21 years of age, Kravitz — along with a buddy — created a debut album. Multiple labels were bidding for Kravitz’s services. Ultimately, he signed with Virgin Records. This spurred on a ridiculously successful career both in the United States and (particularly) abroad.


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Much of Lenny’s early career was inspired by his partner Lisa Bonet, and the couple’s daughter, Zoe. A highly successful single with Madonna launched Lenny into the stratosphere. Kravitz toured the world for over 30 years. However, in 2008, something changed.

Something Magical

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Kravitz was just wrapping up a lengthy world tour. Before flying back to Miami from Rio de Janeiro, a friend brought Lenny an interesting proposition. There was a large property made available on the outskirts of Rio. Though he was scheduled to leave for the United States the following day, Lenny decided to check out the countryside — largely because he loved the vibrancy of Brazil.

A Pleasant Surprise

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Kravitz recounted the magical evening in an interview with Architectural Digest:

“Everyone was ready to go home, but something told me, ‘Have an adventure.’ So we got there at night, and the next morning I awoke in the most spectacularly lush, beautiful landscape you can imagine. We were nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains, with waterfalls, cows, horses, monkeys, fruit groves, and vegetable fields — the whole panoply of nature.”

From here, Kravitz decided to change course on his pre-booked travel plans.

An Extended Stay

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Lenny initially extended his trip by a week. Weeks and weeks went by, and Lenny ultimately stayed in Brazil for six-straight months. The sprawling property was a 1,000-acre 18th century coffee plantation outside of Rio de Janeiro. During this time, Lenny learned a lot about himself — as well as the property itself.

Going Zen

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Lenny felt a renewed sense of tranquility. He was connected to the nature around him, and thus was able to cultivate a level of peace not traditionally found during the regular touring process. Duly, local cowboys taught Lenny how to ride horses, and also tend to the land from a farming standpoint. After the six months were up, Lenny decided to make a massive decision that would alter his life considerably.

Taking The Plunge

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Wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of life in the United States behind, Lenny decided to purchase the property two years later. This was a stark change from the opulent life he had been living. Now, Lenny was to roll up his sleeves and essentially live off the land. However, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t bring some touches from home to his newfound estate…

Healthy Living

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Lenny affectionately refers to himself as a Fazendeiro — meaning ‘farmer’ in Portuguese. His property is considered a working farm, meaning that all produce and sustenance will be organic farm-to-table cuisine. Inside Lenny’s main house, more of his musical influence is visible.

A Musician’s Haven

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Lenny constructed the main house with as many instruments as possible. He wanted to be able to simply pick up any instrument and start playing instantaneously whenever he saw fit. One of his prized possessions includes a gorgeous flexiglass piano. It was previously owned by iconic actress Ingrid Bergman.

An Emphasis on Art

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Lenny’s walls are covered by a mixture of art work and photographs of relatives. Lenny’s godson, Noah Becker, crafted a gorgeous painting for him (which sits neatly on Lenny’s wall). Duly, two prominent pictures — one of Lenny’s grandfather and one of his mother — are boldly pronounced for all to see upon entering the compound.

Master Bedroom to Die For

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Of course, a rockstar of Lenny’s status would have an amazing master bedroom. It’s a suite, living room, and bedroom all-in-one. Interestingly enough, his bed is from the late ’60s. A copper bathtub was made specially for his bedroom. There are also Brazilian chairs made from wood in the center of the room.

The Room of Entertainment

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When recording an album, Lenny’s band will live with him at the Brazilian estate. One of his favorite pastimes is sharing meals and conversation in the dining room. Duly, his entertainment room is used for relaxing, as well as watching films. Lenny’s signature piece is a red velvet chair — which once belonged to Andy Warhol.

Is This Really a Guesthouse?

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As mentioned previously, the band stays with Lenny at his abode. As such, Lenny has crafted a rather ridiculous guesthouse for anyone visiting Brazil. It includes a plethora of leather couches, a bar, and a fantastic mural all encapsulating the structure. Outside, the property is even more spectacular.

A True Paradise

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Within the 1,000 acres, Lenny has access to a gigantic pool area. Amidst the tree groves sit a full-sized soccer field, a massage/therapy room, and a fully-stocked gym. Even the best of athletes would feel right at home on Lenny’s property. There’s even a Brazilian-style barbecue which is often used for meats and vegetables.

Living Life To The Fullest

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During the day, Kravitz will also take leisurely walks through the jungle-like atmosphere on his property. Exotic wildlife sits all around him in what many call a perfect situation. For Lenny, Brazil represents a place to not only recharge the proverbial batteries, but also become inspired musically.

The Continued Plan

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Kravitz plans to continue to use Brazil as his primary residence. Being able to ward off all the temptations and distractions of the busy life back home has made Kravitz one with nature. Who knows… maybe he’ll even become a better soccer player in the process.

A Peaceful Existence

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Without question, Lenny Kravitz has taken all the success he’s worked so hard for, and has transformed it into his little slice of heaven. While it may seem funny to see a rock star becoming a farmer, Lenny certainly doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest.